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Announcing the 49-Point Checklist for higher conversion rates

Design websites like a real PRO

Finaly a proven formula to design websites that your clients will love.


What would you get?

Professional tool for web designers

This 49-Point Checklist is showing the most important elements every professionally done website must have today.

Those points are used from real professional web designers and online marketers. They will transform any website from general or average into a power sales machine.

If you create websites for your clients, these 49 points will help you deliver higher quality results and place you as an expert in your field. It will help you to get ahead of your competition and actually make websites that help your customers succeed.

This list is kept up to date. Sometimes points are removed but most often new are added and others are revised.

As a professional creating websites since 2003, I highly recommend to have these 49 points in your web design and online marketing arsenal.

It can be used in different ways. Here are three, I find highly efficient:

  1. Use the check list to run website audits for potential customers.
  2. Give consultations for website re-design or website updates, based on it.
  3. Use it for the next coming web design project.

Here are some testimonials from people who are already using it.


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