Elementor Page Builder: the ultimate features guide


Last updated on December 12th, 2017 at 06:01 pm

Elementor is a well-featured page builder. It is programmed with up to date approach and the latest technologies in mind. It is light and fast. The best about it, is that you can build beautiful and fully functional websites with the free version only. There is no push to upgrade until you really really need it.

Elementor for everyone: free and paid versions

If you would like to boost your web design with a bit more cheeky things then you can get the Pro version. And it costs just from $49 per year.

You still can get most of Elementor’s Pro features just by installing some other extra free plugins next to it. Of course, having tons of plugins in a WordPress install is not truly recommended, but if you really want to build a website without spending any money, then this is the way to go.

If performance stands in front of spending for some ‘coffee to go’, then get to the Pro version. You can get a license for one website and extend it later if you see that Elementor is really your thing. (Like I did.) It will save you 3-4 extra plugin installs. In the world of WordPress, that’s a good thing!

Built quality

Another excellent thing about Elementor is that you can create a WordPress website without any coding experience. To use Elementor is a piece of cake. It is not just an easy thing to do, but it is almost equal to fun. Its Drag&Drop functionality is fast and smooth. Changes are visible instantly and when it says ‘visual designer’, this is exactly what you will get when using it – what you see is what you get.

Recently, live text editing was added to Elementor basic features. The difference that makes is that you can change text and apply simple styling directly where text exists – text blocks, buttons, titles, sub-headings, etc.

Elementor’s free features

Those are the features you get with the free version.

  • drag&drop visual page builder
  • rows and columns to frame the design
  • nested rows and columns (it gives even more design freedom)
  • values in px, em and %
  • vertical raw size – fixed height, minimal height, % of the visual page (VH)
  • responsive web design out of the box
  • 3 responsive versions to control styling and positioning – desktop, tablet, mobile
  • scroll triggered animations
  • live text editing
  • Google fonts
  • control over backgrounds, colors, fonts, font sizes, etc.
  • Template library with free ready to use templates
  • Export / Import templates
  • ‘Coming soon…’ functionality
  • Video lightbox
  • reCaptcha

Main element blocks

  • title block
  • picture block
  • text editor block
  • video block
  • button
  • separator
  • space
  • google maps
  • icon

General elements

  • picture box – image + text
  • icon box – icon + text
  • picture gallery
  • picture carousel
  • list of icons
  • changing numbers
  • horizontal charts
  • testimonials
  • tabs
  • accordion
  • collapsable vertical list
  • social icons
  • attention box
  • SoundCloud integration
  • insert shortcodes
  • HTML block
  • anchor links
  • sidebar element

Next, to upper named blocks and elements, all available WordPress widgets are visible in Elementary as well and it can be inserted with drag&drop in any place of your design.

Elementor’s paid features

If you decide to get the paid version of the plugin, you will never regret. There are some funky things coming with it next to the functionalities already available in the free version.

Pro features

  • Live custom CSS editor
  • Fonts control
  • Pro ready to use templates
  • Embed anywhere
  • Global widget
  • FAcebook SDK

Pro elements

  • posts
  • portfolio
  • slider
  • contact forms
  • login
  • navigation menu
  • animated titles
  • price list
  • price table
  • flip box
  • media carousel
  • testimonials carousel
  • countdown
  • social share
  • search form
  • quotation block


  • Products
  • ‘Add to cart’ button
  • Woo element
  • Categories


  • FB button
  • Comments
  • Embed
  • FB page


  • Templates


you can insert post grids and posts list with this element. You can control how many posts should be shown; divide them into columns; choose the post type, including Woocommerce products and custom post types; customize filter query by categories, tags, exclude certain posts; control the featured image; have complete control over the styling; show author’s avatar, date, excerpt: control pagination; use fixed grids or masonry, etc.


You can showcase your projects in a nicely presented portfolio grid. Any custom post type can be used in the query and a wide range of styling elements can be controlled too.


This is one little powerful slider. For 99% of your website projects it delivers everything necessary. You can design each slide individually with background, colors, title, subtitle, text, button. You can control the styling, the navigation and the size of the slider. It is absolutely easy to create full width or full page slider with it.

Contact forms

There is no need to install a separate contact form plugin. Most of the contact form plugins could really slow down your WP install. Elementor offers in-built ones that are elegant and easy to use. You can create and style as many contact forms as you wish with as many fields as you need. Individual contact form success and error messages can be applied too. The available contact form fields are: text field, phone, email, text block, numerical field, URL, drop-downs, checkboxes, radio buttons, hidden fields, reCaptcha for security and Honeypot.


This customizable login form can be inserted anywhere on your website pages. The link ‘Lost password’ could be disabled. ‘Remember me’ checkbox, redirect URL after login and individual labels for the login fields can be set up. The easy styling options can transform the login with just a few clicks.

Navigation menu

If you ever wanted to have a menu in the middle of your web page, for example, to create anchors for sections on the page, then this element does exactly this. The menu can be vertical, horizontal or a hamburger. Many styling options are available too. Currently, to make the menu sticky is not an available option, but it is planned feature on the road of Elementor’s future development.

Animated titles

Spice up your web design with this feature. I generally like to use the animated titles in the beginning of the web page, but it can be inserted anywhere else too. It is a good visual trigger when you want to drag the attention of the visitor.

Price list

Simple and elegant way to list down services or products. It provides a fast overview for the website users. You can use it to give easy overview when lots of things need to be listed. For example, it is an excellent design element for restaurant websites. Beautifully organized menus can come to life in a few minutes.

Price table

There is no better way to compare different pricing options than using a price table. Beautifully organized and keeping an overview of the available features, the price table elements gives you everything necessary – excellent design style, different info fields, features list, button.

Flip box

This is another element to spice up your website design. Background images can be used or the boxes can be designed in elegant flat style. You can also easily insert icons.

Media carousel

This is basically a slider that can show pictures and videos in a nice way. There are three main visual styles – as a carousel, as a slideshow or as flipping elements. You can control how many elements are visible at the same time, the navigation styles, the navigation step, the speed, the size, etc.

Testimonials carousel

This is another nifty and highly useful element. If you would like to bring credibility and trust to any website, testimonials are one of the best ways to do it. This element has 2 visual styles and it can control things speed, navigation styling, a picture of the person, name, position, the testimonial text itself. The final result really looks beautiful.


This great feature can make your website a real marketing tool or give some spice on the coming soon pages. With the little thing, you can create countdowns for special sales for example or new coming products, or even just some funny information like ‘Still 21 days to Christmass’. Countdowns are not just numbers – they can share information about something long expected. This can warm up the atmosphere with your customers.

Social share

Social share plugins could slow down your website. Elementor’s social share is very fast ain-built functionality int he Pro version. It is very easy to use and to style. With just a couple of clicks, you can give the possibility your product or a great new article to be shared online. It supports 19 of the most used and well know social networks or ways to spread the word today – Facebook, Google+, Linked In, Xing, Twitter, Telegram, Pinterest, Reddit, VK, OK, Tumblr, Delicious, Digg, Skype, StumbleUpon, Pocket, WhatsApp, Email, and Print.

Search form

The search form element has 3 styles – standard, manila, and full screen. Each one of them is beautiful and it can be further customized.

Quotation block

The Quotation block provides a funky way to show quotation on the website. It has 4 main styles and even the possibility to Tweet the inspiring quotation.



This element filters and shows the products of your choice. The query can be controlled as well as the product grid layout – how many rows and columns. The design of the grid is pretty standart and it depends on which theme you are using. If you can control this styling via your theme, as a result the changes will be applied and visible here too.

‘Add to cart’ button

This element inserts a WC ‘Add to cart’ button whenever you want to position it. You can style the button and change its text to trigget better ‘Call-to-Action’. You must only specify, which product should be added to the shopping cart.

Woo element

This Woo element inserts some main functionalities as ‘My account‘, ‘Shopping cart‘, ‘Checkout‘, ‘Order and delivery‘ form, Single product.


This is self almost explanatory. The element adds Woo product categories organized in columns the same way we are used to see them on the main Shop page. You can control which categories to be included, if only sub-categories should be shown and filter their arrangement.


FB button

You can insert ‘Like’, ‘Recommend’ and ‘Follow me’ buttons. It has 4 different layouts as well.


This element must be first configured in Elementor’s Integration Settings. You need to setup a Facebook App and use its API key. Afterwards you will be able to show wished number of FB comments and control the related URL. You can sort the comments in different ways, for example by time.


Facebook embed can catch a Facebook post, a Facebook video or a comment and show it on the website. You can choose to show the full text of the posted article as well.

Facebook page

If untill now you have been trying to include those FB page blocks using the Facebook developers functionality itself, you would now that sometimes this simple thing can really get on the nerves. Seems like this element takes all the pressure away. Therefore, in an easy and simple, way you can insert your timeline posts, your events or your news channel. Style it with just 2-3 clicks to get the final appearance you wish. To make this element working, you would need to setup some stuff in Elementor’s Integrations Settings.


The templates element inserts any of the templates that you specifically created and saved for your website. The global template functionality can save you lots of time of redoing similar elements. Furthermore, you can use the same template and apply it on many different places on your website, but still control the design just from one place.


In a conslusion, I can say that Elementor is a first class drag&drop builder. Its mixture of functionality, built quality and simplicity makes creating websites for WordPress a real fun. The free and the Pro features and elements can help you realise even the most wildest web designs. Further more, its responsive options will help you make the website user friendly for any screen size. By far, Elementor is the fastest way to create a WordPress website.

Elementor and Elementor Pro work very well with GeneratePress and Yoast SEO. Read more about it here.

Another thing, I like a lot about Elementor is that the final website is very search engine friendly. Usually, there is not much to do additionally on the level of technical SEO. We use WebSite Auditor to deal the initial technical SEO check before launching any new website.



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