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Last updated on December 8th, 2017 at 01:07 pm

Writing successful search engine optimized articles is seen as the key factor for running a successful blog from thousands of bloggers. Here I am sharing the basics and headache free steps how to put the right base for your blog content with  Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. If you are just about to start your blogging experience or you might like to improve your base, then this article might help you out.

Step 1: Run your blog on WordPress

Hats down, hands up – WordPress is the software when coming to running an online blog. So, don’t try to fight it, just run your brand new blog on or move your current one to WordPress. Check out what wordpress.com has to offer or read this article next. There, I am explaining some good old basics how to install, secure and make a WordPress blog perform for you.

Step 2: Excellent done content from the start – Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

Here is where we come to using the Yoast plugin to optimize the blog content. There are many factors when it comes to SEO – on-page optimization, off page optimization, server optimization, keyword research, content optimization, etc. If you would like to get the shortcut to the latter, then simply install the free version of Yoast on your WP site. It has more than enough useful features to start with and make your blog content shining.

From the scratch Yoast will provide you with:

  • adjustable XML-Sitemap that you definitely need for Google Search Console
  • breadcrumbs (good for visitors, good for crawlers)
  • implementing Google Analytics tracking code on your website
  • control meta title and meta description everywhere on your website
  • and it works with your Woocommerce shop too

If you would ask me why this plugin, the simple answer is that it just works! Therefore, I use it regularly for all clients’ projects. Since we started to use it years ago, it proved its reliability and positive results many times.

Installing the plugin

Yoast SEO’s installation process follows the same steps as every other WP plugin.

  1. Login to your WP admin area as a user with administrator rights
  2. Go to Plugins >> Add New
  3. Search for ‘Yoast SEO’
  4. Click on the plugin to install it and wait till the process is over
  5. Activate the plugin and get ready to configure it

Configuring Yoast SEO Plugin

  1. From the menu on the left click on the SEO >> Dashboard
  2. Then choose the tab General: under Configuration Wizard click the button ‘Open the configuration Wizard’
  3. Follow the steps and accept the general suggestions that the plugin gives you

Optimize your article using Yoast SEO

Let’s say you know what you want to write about and you did a keyword research. Now it is time to build the post content, so it is not only engaging but also easy to read and optimised for the search engines.

  • Create a New Post and give it some title
  • Scroll down to the Yoast SEO section and paste the chosen keyword in the ‘Focus Keyword‘ field
  • If you have already written your article, copy and paste its content to the WP Post Content area (If you gonna start fresh, then go on, write your article and come back to the topic when you are ready)
  • Check the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin score that the plugin gives you and start to solve the red and orange points one after another:
  1. Check one more time that your target keyword is written correctly in the ‘Focus Keyword’ field
  2. Put the keyword exactly as is in your post title
  3. Update the post slug (URL slug) regarding this change as well
  4. Update your meta description to contain the exact keyword
  5. Put the keyword in the first paragraph of your post
  6. Put the keyword in H2 heading in the text
  7. Bold your keyword somewhere in the text
  8. Mark your keyword somewhere else as italic as well
  9. Put an image with ‘alt’ containing the keyword
  10. Look at your Yoast SEO score – did it improve?


As a result of all those actions, your Yoast SEO score should significantly improve. Therefore follow its suggestions and work further with your post content. Furthermore, it will train your writing skills and how to think ‘a content structure’, making you a better content curator.

Keep following the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin suggestions till you get in the green color regarding Readability and Keyword optimization. As many more of the points you manage to fulfill, that better your article content is prepared for online visitors and crawling bots.

Having breadcrumbs on your website is also an important part of the on-page SEO optimization. Read further in this article how to implement Yoast breadcrumbs in GeneratePress theme.

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