Google Search Ranking Boost by changing your WordPress web hosting

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Last updated on December 12th, 2017 at 06:03 pm

There is a little secret how you can help your google search ranking if you actually change your web hosting provider. It is not a difficult step to do but it is good to be well informed before taking it.

Why? Because choosing the wrong web hosting company can harm your Google rankings even more. In this article, we will focus specifically on WordPress websites but most of the basic points tackled here can be applied to any kind of website and any kind of hosting. For example, web hosting, VPS, cloud-based hosting, dedicated server, managed server, etc.

What is important for better Google search ranking?

Google ranking factors could be counted as more than 300. Nobody really knows how Google algorithm really works and how often is actually changing. Info videos from Google are really trying to give the right direction for the SEO professionals but most of the time this is not enough. Main Google algorithm updates are announced but daily changes stay hidden. And what was changed we can only guess by looking at how our website ranking changed after such a  main update. A good SEO professional had built deep experience in optimizing websites for Google search and have many different insights.

But what about if you are an SEO beginner just starting with search engine optimization? Where to start from? What to do first? There are lots of helpful articles about starting with SEO out there. Here, we will line up some of the most important points which Google pays attention too.

  • Site speed
  • Code quality
  • Content quality
  • Internal Linking
  • Backlinks
  • Mobile

Usually, SEO is divided into two main big parts, like the two sides of the same coin – On-Page and Off-Page optimization.

How to improve site speed?

If you are a web designer or web coder that just built websites, you might usually read lots of articles how to optimize a website to load faster:

  • write quality code
  • smush and optimize the images
  • do not put images bigger than 200 KB
  • minify the static files
  • load JS files in the footer
  • fewer HTTP requests, etc.

Especially WordPress website optimizations are covered in depth. However, that kind of changes you could take to make a website load faster form only 50% of the possible optimization. You can spend hours in tackling code, smushing images, exchanging minified files, twisting plugin options (WP Super Cache, WP Total Cache, WP, Rocket, WP Fastest Cache, etc.), but you will soon reach the limit. Because the other 50% lay in the web hosting provider and you cannot do any changes there. If your web hosting is weak, then it will take more time for your website to load in the browser, thus in a long and a short-term harming your possibilities to get higher Google search ranking.

Managed WP Hosting LightningBase

Which hosting is the right hosting?

Depending on the level of your professional skills you might already know one, two things about web servers. The most well known and used today are Apache 2 and nginx, with the latter being extremely powerful. nginx doesn’t consume so much memory as Apache and it is using the hardware resources of the server in a much better way to render and load files.

Apache & nginx

It is a preferred stand-alone web server installation for WordPress (WordPress is a high memory consuming CMS, as you know). Very often and may web hosting companies use a combination of both Apache as a web server and nginx as a reverse proxy, thus combining the best of both. Thus, if you are already used to do little code changes related to the web server (.htacces, creating virtual hosts, handling WordPress Multisite installs, etc.), you can keep the comfort of continuing doing so. On a nginx standalone install, you have to learn how to do this again.

Best option for freelance web designers

If you are just a freelance web designer (or you run a small web design agency with other web designers only) and your primary goal is to create wonderful websites for your customers then well-packed web hosting is the right way to go. The right web hosting here is the so-called Managed WordPress Hosting. There are more and more companies out there that offer that kind of service. Even the most general web hosting companies are already providing such services. So, which one is the right way to go then. I would recommend choosing a company dedicated to hosting WordPress websites. Their servers are the best you can get to boost any WordPress site. Their support teams are trained to troubleshoot and help to solve any problem regarding your WP website.

The WordPress hosting provided by the general hosting companies very often lacks some of the little server tweaks. Exactly these tweaks make it really kicking. So, based on my years of experience and many tests, I would skip as a professional those.

Cloud hosting is an excellent option as well. It provides a nice way to scale your server needs based on how much resources are necessary. But again, look for a WordPress optimized cloud hosting.

Getting geeky

If you gained some broader skills in web development, or you have experienced web developer/server admin in your team, then VPS or dedicated server is a very good way to go.

If you are somewhere in the middle, a good solution is the Digital Ocean server configured with ServerPilot to kick your next WordPress projects. Digitial Ocean has servers on most of the continents and their service is pretty reliable. With them, you can really grow your skills too. Price – service combination is one of the best.

If you have a server administrator in your web design team, or you by yourself are one, then you can install and tweak a kicking configuration on your dedicated server or VPS.


What should a good web hosting provider deliver today?

  • nginx or nginx+Apache custom configuration (especially good for WP sites)
  • SSL – mostly available with a free with Let’s Encrypt certificate
  • HTTP/2
  • fewer customers on a processor core
  • good amount of dedicated server resources (CPU and memory)
  • php.ini configuration
  • server caching
  • gzip enabled
  • PHP 7 or higher
  • MySQL 5.6 or higher
  • higher security level
  • excellent support team to count on

Try to figure out those points when you make your final decision which web hosting provider you should go next with to boost your Google search ranking.

What to expect from your Google search ranking now?

After you switch to a better hosting, you can expect to get a thumb up in your Google search ranking. Your decision is influenced by the country you are living in and where your target market is geolocated. Making your website loading faster by changing the hosting service provider can assure better possibility to rank higher in Google. Faster loading websites provide better user experience, thus people are more likely to keep the visitor on your page. If the users wait too long your page to load, they will simply close this browser window and the next. So, speed up your website now and track your benefits.

If you would like to know more about optimizing your content for SEO, this article can help you out. Before to start this process, you should first find the right keywords. Here you can learn how to target long tail keywords. In case, you need a comprehensive SEO tool, check out our SEO PowerSuite Review.


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