SEO PowerSuite Christmas Discount & Review 2017

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Last updated on December 13th, 2017 at 03:42 pm

Today, one of the best options for all-around SEO software is the standalone installation of SEO PowerSuite. Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux systems, it gives you independence and flexibility in your daily SEO tasks. Currently, the SEO PowerSuite Christmas Discount 2017 is running hot. Check the offer here.

The free version is excellent to start with. It gives you the full blown SEO functionality to test the product in depth. But if you need an SEO software to help you with your own blog or clients’ projects SEO daily activities, we would highly recommend the Professional and the Enterprise editions.

The company just launched it’s SEO PowerSuite Christmas Discount 2017. You can buy a copy of SEO PowerSuite from December 12th through December 14th, at up to 70% off. Good price, right? To help with the decision if this software is the right one for you and if it is a good buy for the buck, we decided to give this comprehensive features overview.

If you have been swimming in the SEO world for some time already, you might notice that there are quite a lot of SEO tools on the market. Actually, it’s really hard to choose, which one to go with.

SEO PowerSuite is a complete toolset for search engine optimization. It consists of 4 tools: Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant. It’s been on the market for 9 years now and it has been proven by many professionals as excellent for their SEO projects.


One thing is important to mention. If you are aiming for a full comprehensive SEO service to make income with, you would need all of those products, bundled in the SEO PowerSuite. Why? Because each one of them is taking care of a different SEO aspect you need to deal with.

Rank Tracker is finding and tracking prominent keywords. WebSite Auditor helps you with the On-Page SEO, including technical SEO, content SEO and tracking improvements in ranking. SEO SpyGlass covers the backlink research or the so-called Off-Page SEO – where to find valuable backlinks, which ones are the right one for a particular project, etc. LinksAssistant is your link manager. You would need it to keep an overview of your backlink building campaigns and the necessary communication related to it.

Let’s have a look now at each of those products a bit more in depth.

seo powersuite christmas discount 2017
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Rank Tracker

Since we started to use Rank Tracker Enterprise editions more than a year ago, right away from the beginning this became my favorite product of all four. This is the one you would want to use when you need to find keywords to rank your website (or clients’ websites) for. Not only it can find and suggest keywords, but it also can track the ranking in an unlimited period of time for each one of the projects you create. If you want to get the full power out of it, you would need to connect your Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google AdWords accounts. If Yahoo and Bing search results are relevant to your projects, you can connect these search engines as well.

Here is a summarized list of Rank Tracker’s features:

  • keyword research with 19 advanced methods
  • filter long tail keywords
  • check rankings in 571 search engines
  • track unlimited keywords for unlimited sites
  • traffic stats next to ranking data
  • setup only local search results
  • find universal search results
  • comparative tracking of competitors
  • highly customizable reporting

This is how your Rank Tracker working space might look like:


WebSite Auditor

This is the tool we cannot live without. This is the tool where every single SEO project starts with. Why? Because it can give you the absolute base that needs to be fixed before further investing in SEO – the technical SEO fixes.

In general, we are using WebSite Auditor with three different approaches.

1. Launching a new website

If you are building websites for customers, you would like to bring their website right from the beginning at some level of search engine friendliness. WebSite Auditor can easily help you here by pointing on some main tasks to take care of.

2. Free website audits

WebSite Auditor can be used in a very smart way. If you are running a web design agency or if you are a freelance web designer, you can gain trust with new clients acquired by offering free technical SEO  audits of their website. You just need to give the customer’s website URL and the program will do the job. You can send a customized report afterward with just a click of a button and offer them further help if they would need it.

3. Fixing On-Page SEO

The main scenario this product was built for, is actually the service of improving On-Page SEO. If you or your customers would like really to rank better the website in search engines, there is one very important first step to be done. The technical SEO. After this base is fixed, you would need to do the page content SEO. Here Website Auditor has to be used together with Rank Tracker. Thus each page will be optimized for the right keyword.

Here is a summary of WebSite Auditor features:

  • checks if your website can be crawled and indexed
  • points to redirect issues and site encoding problems
  • finds all broken links
  • lets you polish on-page ranking factors
  • how well the content is optimized for SEO
  • manages sitemaps, robots.txt
  • creates professional site audit reports

This is how your working space in WebSite Auditor might look like:


SEO SpyGlass

Unlike WebSite Auditor that handles the On-Page optimization, SEO SpyGlass covers a variety of off-page aspects. It is a powerful link research and link analysis tool.

Off-page SEO is hard and time-consuming. You should look only for prominent backlinks and backlink partners. Then step by step you can build a backlinks profile over time. It is a long-term commitment and it is very good not to waste time in non-prominent opportunities.

Do not forget that the SEO PowerSuite Christmas Discount 2017 is running only for 3 days: from 12 until the 14 of December. Respectively with -70%, -65% and -60% of the normal price.

Here is a list of the features of SEO SpyGlass:

  • finds all external links a website has
  • gets data from hundreds of external data sources and a powerful internal link database
  • collects dozens of quality metrics for each link it finds
  • alarms you about dangerous and harmful links
  • generates professional backlink reports

This is how your working spaces may look like:



LinkAssistant is like having your own secretary to deal communication about prominent backlinks. It is a real time saver in finding the right contacts, sending emails, moving the communication further. On top of it, you have the complete overview.

LinkAssistant features in a nutshell:

  • link suggestions with 6 powerful methods
  • immense outreach capabilities, including the search for contacts and an inbuilt email client
  • gives link stats
  • shows link verification
  • link building reports

And this is how your working space in LinkAssistant might look like:


Should you go for the SEO PowerSuite Christmas Discount 2017?

SEO PowerSuite is a professional software that can provide you with everything necessary to do complete SEO for your website or for your clients’ SEO projects. The bundle is very powerful and covers all necessary parts of the optimization process. From 12 till 14 of December 2017, you can get the product with discounts respectively -70%, -65%, and -60% off. This is a very good price for what you will get. Compared to other products out there, the price you would pay for just 1 month of their professional packages give you lifetime updates of the SEO PowerSuite.

Our recommendation is: Get it! until the SEO PowerSuite Christmas Discount 2017 is still running.

seo powersuite christmas discount

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